Monday, January 17, 2005

Nostalgia and Rememberance

The first Pedal Ubin training at Noordin Beach on 12 oct 2003.

We tend to forget how something used to be like after a long period of time has passed. Sometimes people simply got so used to what it is now that after a while and a generation or two, people start forgetting what it used to be like and think they "KNOW" that it has always been this way. They simply never know any different.

I love this photo for it serves it purpose to remind us that there was never always this coastal fence that now separates us from a clear (and well unprotected) coastline.

For our children, singaporeans and visitors alike who never knew how it was or whom will only see this for the first time in the future, this photo is for you.

The same site at Noordin Beach on 05 September 2004.

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