Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Orang Utan or...

An orang utan sighting was reported on Focus Ubin forum.

QuietBiologist wrote on 16 June 2005,

"Just wanted to say that i spent the day today at Ubin and admist seeing the usual things like wild boars that chase each other around and block off paths, Hornbills, Monitor lizards, Snakes,the usual monkeys...i saw an ORANG-UTAN!! Yes....i never thought they existed in the wild here!!! That was the best sighting to date on Ubin for me:)

I know they are shy creatures...i only managed to catch a glimpse of it but i am almost 80-90% sure it is one.. I don't think there will be any other primate locally at that size with that typical orangy-coloured hair...also noticed it had broad shoulders..

Was wondering wat was making that rackett in the bushes...so i looked over in the general direction and for 1-2 seconds..i spotted it moving from one branch to another..As of now..i'm still quite amazed..."

There are still some uncertainty if the homonid sighted was really an Orang Utan. However, if anybody is lucky enough to see this "man of the forest" again, and somehow manage to take a picture of it, please email me.

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