Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What do people do on Ubin?

On April 10, a poster on the Focus Ubin forum asked:

Just out of curiousity, has there been any study on the reasons why people go to our wonderful ubin? I suspect that though nature appreciation is a very dominant reason, there might be other factors that attract people there. Given the existence of Keramats and a number of Temples and altars on Ubin, a highly possible reason as to why some people visit the island is becuase they are attracted by the spiritual - religious elements of Ubin.

A simple questionnaire survey done at the jetties, and the temples might reveal interesting figures, snapshots of situations fromtime to time. Has this ever been done?

Zaki Jalil


Belatedly, in reponse to his question, here are the results from a simple online survey I conducted last year on 82 respondents, of which 87% has been to Ubin which will probably put his and many others' speculations to rest.

Out of these 87%, the answer for what they do on Ubin are as follows:

Of course this survey has its biases since the respondents are not as neutral or random as if I had done the survey as suggested at the Jetty to Ubin. Still, it does shed light on some of the reasons why people visit Ubin. Perhaps, someone else would conduct a more accurate and objective survey at the jetty in the future.

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