Monday, February 06, 2006

Toddycat caught on Ubin!

A common palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), commonly known as a Toddy Cat, was caught in a trap set by NParks on Ubin meant for other animals.

Photo by Chayhoon, taken from Ubin Volunteer Blog

It will eventually be released back into the wild.

Ubin Volunteers' blog has photos and background information about the civet cat.

Update @ 7 February 2006:
According to Oi Yee, this civet cat may possibly still be a juvenile one due to its relatively small paw size
[see photo of paw on Ubin Volunteer Blog].

Update @ 8 February 2006:
According to Chay Hoon, the photographer behind these photos, there were 2 toddycats caught in total. Chay Hoon first posted news of the Toddycats on Saturday, 4 February and the civet cats were soon released the next day on Sunday, 5 February 2006.

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    Anonymous said...

    Hello, ohh, so fine to find a blog about Pulau Ubin the small island ...
    I am from Switzerland, and had few time in Singapore, and was more in the Pasir Ris area than in the rest of singapore, but I was so well inspired to make a trip untill Pulau, it was one of my best and last memory, I enjoyed the beautiful vegetation, watched some monkeys and wild pigs.
    It was so refreshing and recreating and nice to find this island there.
    Of course some villagers were fed up with turists, no more caring to feed always thursty or hungry demanding Singaporeans with fresh drinks but more worried to achieve their daily hard work and I understand them, some others like the woman hanging the only grocery were so kind, even if not speaking English (we communicated with signs...), hoping the last inhabitants will still find a living on the island, maybe the government could help them a bit ?
    And that the plants and animals will be left in peace but will still be able to welcome poor lost souls in research of tropical preserved nature ... the secret dreams we occidentals make of the paradise !