Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ubin Stories gets a new look!

Ubin Stories gets a face lift this Earth Day!

How many places and items of Ubin can you find in the banner at the top of the website? Each of the photos represent a unique place, history or ecosystem of Ubin. See how many you can identify!

Post your answers in the comment section of this post.
Answers will be revealed in 2 weeks.

Happy Earth Day 2006!


Jun Ying said...

I see a Sea Hibiscus flower, the little dog/rhino like rock that can be seen from on the way from the mainland to the jetty.

pinto said...

Let's see... hornbill, sea hibiscus, mub crab(?), inside of a fig, bumboats to ubin, granite quarry... do I get a prize? =P

budak said...

i only see a hornybill, crab and fig!

November said...

Pinto, lol not yet, there are 8 photos in the banner! you'll get bonus prize if you get the species of crab right hehehe