Saturday, June 09, 2007

"Ten cyclists injured each month on Pulau Ubin's 'danger spot'"

Ten cyclists injured each month on Pulau Ubin's 'danger spot'
Channel NewsAsia, 09 Jun 07

SINGAPORE: From falling tree branches to falling cyclists at Pulau Ubin - each month at least 10 cyclists get hurt while negotiating a particularly tricky spot on the rustic island.

Two weeks ago, radio DJ Zhou Chong Qing was sent flying to the ground while on his way down a slope in front of Belatok Hut.

"When I came down from here, the speed was very fast. So when I pressed the brake, I just flew off the bicycle, and I broke two bones from my left arm, and I scratched myself and I broke four teeth. And also the bicycle scratched me at the right side of my body," says Zhou.

Those familiar with the spot say over 10 accidents occur here each month. In fact, in just 10 minutes, Channel NewsAsia spotted two cyclists almost falling off their bicycles. This is despite warning signs that had been put up some 10 feet away from the danger spot.

But the rugged slope is not the only issue here - operators of bicycle rental kiosks here say Singaporeans rarely rent protective helmets!

"Caucasians are more aware of the safety aspects of things, so they are willing to pay $2 a day, compared to locals. Especially in this area here, it's a bit hilly you know, it's not like Singapore roads also," says Chan, Bicycle Rental Kiosk Operator.

Adventure-seekers are advised to be more aware of personal safety needs to maximise their thrills - minus the spills! - CNA/yy

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