Thursday, August 07, 2008

Is this a forewarning of reservoir in Johor Straits?

Within a short span of 4 months, Straits Times has TWICE published a letter to the forum page by readers suggesting a reservoir to be built between Pulau Ubin and Singapore, at the Johor Straits. Surely Straits Times is not forgetful in its old age despite PUB providing an official reply on the forum stating that it's not considering such a reservoir. However, is this a forewarning by our media of greater things at work? If this is an idea that's traversing the brilliant minds of our policy makers, I can only hope they perish that thought forever!

Create reservoir between Pulau Ubin and Singapore
Letter by Chew Wai Soon, Straits Times Forum
Aug 7, 2008

COME 2012, we will have to be more self-reliant for our water supply.

I propose Pulau Ubin be linked to mainland Singapore to create a huge reservoir.

On the eastern end of Pulau Ubin, a two-tier road can be built so the lower deck allows cyclists to cycle between Singapore and Pulau Ubin. The upper deck will be another route for vehicles to go to and from Malaysia. Jetties can jut out from both sides of the link - the reservoir side for smaller boats such as kayaks, sailing and racing boats, and water scooters, while bigger boats can dock on the other side. Bicycle rental kiosks, souvenir shops and so on can be built at the starting point of the link at the Singapore end. Further reclamation at the Singapore end will allow immigration offices and multistorey carparks to be built.

On the link at the western end of Pulau Ubin, bicycle rental kiosks, food centres and souvenir shops with solar-panelled roofs can be built for cyclists to cycle between Singapore and Pulau Ubin.

Pavilions can also be extended from both links into the reservoir for relaxation, photography and fishing.

Pulau Ubin can be promoted extensively as a venue for camping, mountain biking, adventure, trekking, hiking, jogging, horse riding and prawn fishing (to meet strong demand for youngsters to rough it out and enjoy nature).

The proposed reservoir will mean less land use elsewhere - some of the existing reservoirs can be redefined as collection centres for rainwater and Newater, and their water channelled into Pulau Ubin reservoir. The surrounding land can then be freed for other use, such as residential development to house a growing population.

Feedstock for Pulau Ubin reservoir can also be had from excess water from the smaller reservoirs, from rainwater and Newater to be collected from the northern and eastern parts of Singapore and from more Newater that could be generated.

Big water pipes connected to both links at Pulau Ubin would help to drain seawater between Pulau Ubin and the Causeway and provide a change of seawater according to the tides. Energy-generating turbines can be incorporated into these seawater pipes.

Coney Island can be reclaimed further to become part of the mainland and pavilions can be extended from Coney Island into the reservoir.

The damming of the water between Pulau Ubin and Singapore to become a huge reservoir promises many possibilities for development, for meeting future water needs and for recreation.

I urge the authorities to look into these great benefits on our doorstep.
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Born in Singapore said...

Agree with your analysis. Either the ST editor has a poor memory or there is some directive from the authorities to prepare the ground. When the Barrage is done, I suspect they will be looking for a new project, and probably a bolder challenge.

To me, the root of the problem lies with the ever growing population. If this generation of government wants a population of six million, what will the next generation of leaders aim for? 8 million? 10 million? 15 million? Can we squeeze so many people into our tiny land and at what expense to our natural resources? When will it stop? I think I speak for many Singaporeans when I say we want to live in a place that still has lots of space for us to play in, where the pace of life is slightly slower and gentler, where we guard and protect our natural heritage (our forests, natural shores, mangroves, bio-diversity), and where people don't treat each other as strangers in a cold hard city.

Monkey said...

well said! I absolutely agree with you! I want my kids to play in mud, not concrete! to learn how to walk slower and smell the roses! ok.. no roses.. orchids then! :P

If only more Singaporeans will speak up too :) Thanks you made my day!

exasperated said...

Sadly, don't think anything can stop the world's population from growing. And sadly, a growing population with limited resources will not care much about the environment if its hungry *and thirsty. The idea of collecting rainwater for mass usage in every private house and HDB is a tempting solution but that'll change the hydrology of the island. Think: higher salinity of coastal communities

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I vote - build the reservoir