Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Ubin dogs: The friendly, furry mascots of Ubin

Have you met the friendly Ubin dogs? Free from the stress of city life, these four-legged sweethearts are first to greet you when you step on Ubin Jetty. If you are not too comfortable with dogs, do not fret as these dogs are well-behaved and there is no cause for concern. Also known as Kampong dogs, these furry ambassadors encompass the true meaning of the Kampong spirit through their wagging tails and friendliness towards anyone and everyone that steps on the island.

A day in the life of an Ubin dog is often tasked with greeting visitors, playing amongst themselves, running around the island and taking a dip in the sea.

Most days are spent soaking up the sand and sun and resting under a coconut tree.

More belly rubs please!

These pups will accompany you on solo bicycle rides, run alongside your vans and keep you company on the whole island. However, this can get tiring and these content fur-balls are often seen taking a nap to recharge their paws for another day of the glorious island life and hours of playing under the sun.

Tudor style housing, my favourite. - Spotted at House no.1 

I would greet you but I'm too tired! - Spotted at House no.1

This little one didn't even realize I was there. - Spotted at House no.1

Have you come with food? - Spotted at House no.1

Some of these resident dogs are so good at being ambassadors, they are often given names by Ubin folk or those that frequent Pulau Ubin.
One of the well-known resident dogs, Bytyy (pronounced as Bitey),
frequenting his favourite spot at the HSBC Volunteer Hub or Assembly Area

Looking for a tasty housefly to snap!
More details on these Kampong dogs here.

Photos by Sumita Thiagarajan

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