Friday, April 01, 2005

Cicadas sighting

A photo of the cicada exoskeleton moults on Ubin. Taken by Chim Chee Kong, hosted on Habitatnews's flickr account.

Recently cicada moults were sighted on the northern parts of Ubin near the prawn ponds of Sungei Besar on the way to Noordin Beach.

Read more about it on Habitatnews

Here's an extract of the report from Chim Chee Kong (as reported on Habitatnews)

"Hi Siva,

I was cycling in Pulau Ubin on Good Friday (25 Mar 2005) when I saw a hundred or more (could be in the hundreds!) moulted exoskeletons of cicadas left behind on tree trunks (e.g. Angsana) and underside of leaves (e.g. Rubber).

I could not see the cicadas themselves (except for one that was left behind), but they were making deafening music all around me!

The exact location is a shaded area on gravel path after the "3 bridges" (a Pedal Ubin term referring to the area between Sungei Besar and the prawn ponds) leading to Jalan Noordin.

Chee Kong"

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