Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Plants on Ubin

Yet another informative extract from Edmund Waller (2001) "Landscape Planning in Singapore".

With regard to flora, the human interference on Pulau Ubin has led to semi-natural vegetation dominated by relatively few early successional species and 21% of alien species.

The Ubin flora represents about one eighth of the total flora recorded for Singapore and is made up largely of common weed, secondary forest and mangrove species.

In a recent survey (Turner, 1993), only one real rainforest tree was discovered. The author states that from a Singapore standpoint, the patches of belukar and mangrove are of value in a country with so little natural vegetation remaining.

  • Waller, Edmund (2001) "Landscape Planning in Singapore" (Singapore: Singapore University Press) pp.165-171
  • Turner, I.M. et al. (1993) "A Botanical Survey of PUlau Ubin" Department of Botany, National University of Singapore
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