Friday, March 25, 2005

New Changi Jetty

The new jetty is operational! (Source: Pedal Ubin, 20 feb 2005)

According to Wild Singapore, the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore released a press statement about the move to the new jetty on 30 December 2004. I blame my being behind the news on the fact that I'm an ocean away. Apparently water does not diffuse information as fast as being there itself!

Changi Point Ferry Terminal to be operational
from 5 Jan 05

The Changi Point Ferry Terminal (CPFT) will commence operations on 5 January 2005. With its opening, the ferry and bumboat operations at the existing Changi Immigration jetty and Changi Creek jetty at Changi Village will be shifted to CPFT. These vessels will cease to operate from the existing jetties on 4 Jan 2005, 2359hrs, to facilitate the move to CPFT.

Located right next to the two existing jetties (please see attached map), the new CPFT was built as part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority's (URA's) environmental improvement plans for Changi Point. It is designed to handle more passengers and offer a user-friendly gateway for both domestic passengers to Pulau Ubin and regional travellers to Pengerang, Johor.

The new terminal offers a host of new facilities that significantly enhances comfort, safety and security for passengers, compared to the old jetties. These include, among others: Seven berths each for the domestic and regional traffic; Indoor holding areas for domestic and regional passengers; Sheltered gangways and pontoons for safer embarkation and disembarkation; Customs, immigration and quarantine facilities for the regional traffic; Allocated space for two retail operators

The CPFT consists of an International Terminal (for regional traffic) and a Domestic Terminal. The operating hours for the International Terminal are from 7am to 7pm daily. Domestic passengers will have 24-hour access to CPFT.

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