Friday, March 25, 2005

Of Guides and Otters

Interested in being a Pulau Ubin guide with RMBR's Pedal Ubin?

Well, Pedal Ubin! is recruiting!

From: Airani, Pedal Ubin! Project Manager, Raffles Museum Toddycats!

While the future of Pulau Ubin remains uncertain, development on the fascinating island was put on hold for at least 10 years from January 2002. Right now a group of Raffles Museum volunteer guides have been sharing the stories of Pulau Ubin with the public on bicycle.They call themselves the Pedal Ubin! Jungle Fowls

Join us! Be a Pedal Ubin! guide! Be a Jungle Fowl!

Learn about and share stories about the flora, fauna and heritage of Pulu Ubin; e.g. learn how Ubin got its name, the story of the German girl, about the monk who walked from Thailand, the resident family of hornbills and of the plantations that speak of times long past. And how to handle yourself on a bicycle in Ubin.

Pedal Ubin Guide Training 2005

We want YOU, but you have to be:
  • a committed individual with a passion,
  • make ALL the training dates below (2005)
  • dedicate minimum 4 saturdays annually
  • have the discipline to come on time,
  • read your emails regularly!

    Training Dates
    1. 14 May 2005 - Classroom session 1
    2. 21 May 2005 - Field session 1
    3. 11 Jun 2005 - Classroom session 2
    4. 18 Jun 2003 - Field session 2
    5. 25 Jun 2005 - Assessment 1
    6. 23 Jul 2005 - Assessment 2 (public guiding)

    Don't worry if you're a novice cyclist. If you can balance
    yourself on a bike and ride steadily, you can certainly join us! Just send an email to:

    Habitatnews recently reported sightings of Otters on Pulau Ubin!

    Coated otter on Pulau Ubin, ?13 Mar 2004. Photo by MPhil

    Read more about it on the Focus Ubin Forum

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