Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ubin Volunteer Hub

One of the key landmarks of Ubin has always been the community center along the coast, in front of the basketball court, otherwise known as "meeting point 1".

The old Ubin community center. Taken from wildsingapore.com.

The community center served the thriving population on the island and on 15 February 1995, it was even featured on the Straits Times as the "oldest CC with [the] oldest headman" in Singapore.
"PULAU UBIN COMMUNITY CENTRE can boast of many things. It is the oldest community centre in Singapore and is the only island community centre left. Mr Lim Chye Joo, 89, the chairman of the Community Centre Management Committee (CCMC), is Singapore's oldest serving chairman, having been in the position for the past 28 years. The CC was renovated two years ago at a cost of more than S$20,000. The old plank walls were replaced with brick, a new roof was put on, and the flooring was done up. It now looks brand new."
A decade later, the community center will yet again be renovated. However, this time, it will be taking on a new persona, as the new Ubin Volunteer Hub.

Notice of construction outside the old CC in August 2006

Signs of construction in August 2006

I was informed that some construction had to be done to convert the old CC to the new hub as the roof was leaking. But rest assured, the CC will again be revitalized and be the place where people will come together just as it served the Ubin residents for decades before it closed on 1 September 2003.

Almost at completion in October 2006.

Seeing how the volunteer hub is scheduled for completion on 25 October 2006, and the launch for the newly dubbed "Ubin-HSBC Volunteer Hub" scheduled on 28 October 2006, everybody must be scurrying around, getting ready.

Many of the volunteer groups with activities on the island have been invited to contribute to the volunteer hub and RMBR Toddycats and Pedal Ubin will be contributing several panels to the hub. They should be seen decorating the walls of the hub by Saturday. Pulau Ubin Stories will be featured as well of course. I will be popping by on Friday to deliever the panels and check out the progress of works myself.

More reports later.

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