Friday, October 27, 2006

Volunteer Hub Sneak Preview

Went to deliever the panels for the permanent exhibition in the Ubin volunteer hub today and got a sneak peek at the new hub.

The wall of the old community center is now down and the building has a new coat of cheery paint with a new roof. Manicured gardens with bougainvilleas decorate the lawn while back of the hub overlooks the sea. We can now spot the building from the jetty. I even saw butterflies frolicking at the lawn.

One of the exciting features of the hub is a mosaic tile map of Ubin made up of photographs contributed by volunteers and featuring people and places on Ubin. Toddycats are definitely represented with a picture of the civet cat right in the middle of the map!

The launch of the volunteer hub also coincides with the launch of a stamp series entitled Fun with Nature, inspired by the namesake program conducted by NSS for kids, with NSS' Vilma at the helm of course. We had a gathering of familiar faces today on the island with Angie (NSS) bumping to me on the bumboat (pun intended) and then encountering Choon Beng (Nparks), Andrew and Vilma (NSS) on the jetty with promise of Grant (GVN) waiting for us at the hub. It's all fun and bustle as we set up our exhibition.

Can't wait to see the guests learning more about volunteers and work on the island. In fact the guest of honor's presence on the island tomorrow must have resulted in the presence of army rovers on the island! We were surprised but speculations were that they were barged over from the nearby Pulau Tekong.

Military vehicles spotted on the island!

There will also be a children's program concurrently happening with the launch while Toddycats' Pedal Ubin will be having a leisure ride for members and guides with an interview on wheels happening for new members.

My Ubin Friday ended with me sharing about Pedal Ubin and Pulau Ubin Stories at an event with the NUS community. In addition, a chinese newspaper article about Ubin by a journalist from Malaysia was sent to me and will be posted on here soon!

The place to meet - Meeting Point 1!

Definitely looking for another Ubin day tomorrow.

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    Anonymous said...

    hi, I am the UK (Leeds), but lived in Singapore, Changi for a couple of years in the 80's, my favourite memories are of Puala Ubin, though the bum boats scared the life out of me!
    I loved your island,I had a friend Ah Cheung, who used to row over every day from Singapore to work in the quarry, his mum lived on P.U., and I can remember her having to go to hospital in Sing, and the snakes got all her chickens......sad. I was also a friend of Manja in the hawker center in Singapore, what a character, loved him to bits.
    Miss all you lot, the shame is that most of the folk I met out there were unable to write to me cos of the language difference, but even after all this time, I think about you all and still miss you. Many thanks for the lovely time your island and your people gave me.