Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ubin Boy Season 2

ubin boy

Remember the Kids Central production, Ubin Boy?

Well the series is back for its new season. See more of Ubin on TV through the series that is starting tomorrow, 10 December 2006, Sunday, 9.30am on Kids Central.
"It’s the holidays again, and Steven is looking forward to his visit to Pulau Ubin.

But there is a slight hiccup. Ah Ma has to care for a sickly old friend in the city, and she doesn’t trust her mischievous grandsons, Steven and Ah Boy, on their own on Ubin. Perhaps the two boys can stay with Mr and Mrs Teo on the mainland.

But Steven and Ah Boy convince Ah Ma, Mr and Mrs Teo that they can be trusted to be on their own. Mr and Mrs Teo are initially hesitant, but they finally relent when Ah Ma says that she will be back on the island in a couple of days.

Back on Pulau Ubin, Steven and Ah Boy, having gained total freedom from adult supervision, forget their earlier promises to behave themselves. On their first night, they gorge on mangoes and rambutans for dinner, and resolve to stay awake the whole night by telling each other ghost stories. In no time, they are too spooked to sleep and need company to visit the toilet."
Read more of the synopsis on Kids Central's website.

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