Thursday, May 26, 2011

Teochew Opera performance at Ubin

Photos by Marcus Ng (Annotated Budak)

Did you catch the Teochew Opera performance (and getai show!) at Pulau Ubin last week (16-21 May 2011)? If you missed it, you can now relive the moment vicariously through the vivid photos of Marcus Ng, the Annotated Budak. You can also read Marcus' account on his blog.

The performance marked the birthday celebration of Taoist diety, Tua Pek Gong (literally, "grand old man") - the diety worshipped at the temple in Ubin town. The crowd sure looked plentiful and almost reminiscent of yonder years when the island population passes a thousand.

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Photos by Marcus Ng (Annotated Budak)

Teochew opera in itself is also a rapidly disappearing art form in cosmopolitan Singapore. Just as most Singaporeans takes on the interweb in social media platforms like Facebook, traditional art forms must catch up with times and follow suit! Lo and behold, the teochew opera troupe that performed on Ubin has a Facebook page too! If you missed the performance or loved it so much and want to catch more of it, show your support on Facebook! They also announce their performance dates around Singapore (not just Ubin!) and you can catch them "live" at a venue near you!

In case you're eager to watch a piece of the performance right now, here's a video of the troupe's performance on youtube!

Mind you, Ubin celebrations are not all traditional wayang only, Tua Pek Kong probably does enjoy such modern entertainments as well!

Photos by Marcus Ng (Annotated Budak)