Saturday, May 09, 2009

Wayang Performance

The multi-tasking troupe master backstage at Ubin in 2007.

Adelle of Nparks sent a message to the Ubin Volunteers recently,

"The red, white and black palette of colours defined their facial features, their colourful costumes fluttered aross the stage with every movement of their body, the veteran performers are singing to the familiar tune with the small backstage band.

The town in Pulau Ubin had come alive with colours, sound, smell and sights during the celebration of "Tua Pek Kong's Birthday.

Celebrations commences today, 8th May and ends 13th May.

Do drop by if you are interested to catch a glimspe of traditional opera performances in Pulau Ubin.

Tradition wayang (8th-10th May) makes way for modernised "Getai" (13th May) on the last day and bumboat rides in and out of Ubin are free in most evenings from 6.30pm on these days.

For more information, just simply drop by Pulau Ubin. =)"