Thursday, July 09, 2009

Greater Mousedeer Populations on Pulau Ubin

A picture of the lesser mousedeer taken in Singapore at the central catchment by the Annotated Budak. Not exactly the greater mousedeer and not on Ubin but it was in the wilderness of Singapore!

Previously we mentioned mousedeers being sighted on Ubin. NUS biology honors student, Marcus Chua, who has been surveying these mammals for a while now for his honors research thesis, will now be presenting his findings at this upcoming talk on the Greater Mousedeer Populations on Ubin.

Greater Mousedeer Populations on Pulau Ubin.
Talk by Marcus Chua, NUS, Honours Student

The greater mouse deer was recently rediscovered in Pulau Ubin, an island which is one of Singapore's last rural places and a popular recreation area. What led to their rediscovery and comeback? What other mammals can be found on Pulau Ubin? Why are they threatened? Can this little hoofed creature and other medium-sized mammals live alongside man on Pulau Ubin?

The title of his thesis is "Can Medium-sized Mammals Co-exist with Man on Pulau Ubin". And it was his honours research project.

Date : 24 Jul 2009 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm
Venue : Singapore Botanic Gardens,
Botany Centre, Function Hall

Please register at this website
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Editor's Note:
I will not be able to attend this event as I will be giving a talk on the same day. Is anybody interested or willing to write a blog report of this talk for Pulau Ubin Stories? Volunteers would be most appreciated. Feel free to leave a comment. Thank you!